April 2, 2014

The perfect marketing campaign would be one that generates tons of business at no cost to you. The closest you can come to this ideal is Guerrilla Marketing - business promotion that gets you the maximum bang for your buck. Read the rules and start swinging!


April 2, 2014

RULE 1: Be sure you have the essentials, a logo, business cards, and a company brochure. Check out our Flex Printing projects first for a proper company brochure. If needed, we can update your identity - logo, cards, letterhead, envelopes, at a reasonable cost. Before you spend money on any other type of advertising, be sure you've completed RULE 1.

RULE 2: Now that you've got your basic handouts together, it's time to prospect for business. Of course, any prospects you come in contact with in your daily travels gets your handouts. But what about the thousands of potential customers that you don't bump into? Expanding your business requires you to find customers interested in your services. You must market to the most qualified of these prospects - those that will give you the maximum return on dollars spent. Who are these magical people? Stay tuned (or contact us for more...)

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