Flex Printing is the newest innovation at MAC Consulting. It lets you print high-quality color brochures when you need them, in quantities from 1 to 250 pieces.

Is Flex Printing right for me? Let’s say you only need 50 brochures every three months. Then Flex Printing is for you. Or, you need to get a great looking brochure right away, but need to make changes to it too frequently to want thousands of outdated extras. Flex Printing is for you.

How does it work? We design your brochure. The process begins just like any other MAC Consulting print project. You choose from our 8, 12 and 16 page booklet formats. You can insert any text or photos you desire, whether you supply your own or pick from our extensive library. We assemble the layout and you can make any edits necessary. Once you approve the design, you order as few or as many brochures as you desire.

How’s the quality? That’s one of the most pleasant surprises. Due to advances in digital printing, you’ll be very impressed. We use an extremely heavy gloss paper, for the most impressive feel. In fact, the paper is heavier than any of our conventional cover stocks. The images have

extra gloss and the overall printing is almost indistinguishable from conventional ink printing. What differences you could detect (and even we have a hard time describing the difference) are more than offset by the extra gloss and the super heavy paper.

How fast can I get reprints? Print times, whether for the initial run or for reprints, is only 5 business days. Overnight shipping is available.

What if I need to make changes to the brochure? It’s a cinch. You only pay for the pages you change. Rates are as low as $75. Since you’ve only printed a small run to begin with, you haven’t wasted paper (the green ones or the white ones!)

What if I eventually want a run of several thousand pieces? Since the design is already done, we convert the file to run on standard presses and print whatever quantity you need. You’ve already paid for the design, so you’ll only need to pay for the printing. And since we print so many projects, you’ll be able to take advantage or our discounted rates.

Your brochures can now change as fast as your business does – with Flex Printing, you can have it all!

Show me the samples! Show me the prices!